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Remodel or Addition? How to decide the best renovation strategy for your home.

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Renovation Strategy

When deciding between remodeling your home or adding an addition, it can be tough to figure out which renovation strategy will work best for your unique situation. Both remodeling and extending your home provide a number of benefits (and drawbacks), so it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each before making a final decision.  

What’s the difference between a remodel and an addition? 

There is a big difference between remodeling vs. building an addition. A remodel changes an existing area of the structure, which may or may not include adding/demolishing walls, and an addition involves changing the actual footprint of your home and adding more space to the structure either vertically or horizontally. 

Why choose a remodel? 

Remodeling – or what is commonly referred to as renovating – your home is an excellent way to breathe new life into each room, and you still have full control over the different design specifications so that your dream interior can become a reality.  

Remodeling allows you to take the space that you already have and maximize it within its existing square footage. This could mean changing the layout to promote better flow, or simply revamping the look of each room to create an updated atmosphere and vibe.  

There are many different benefits to remodeling your home such as being able to stay in a home you love, increasing the value of your home and controlling costs. 

Minimizes disruption. 

A big benefit to remodeling is that you can work on one room at a time to minimize the disruption to your family life, which makes remodeling the more convenient choice. No matter whether you want to revamp your bedroom or living room, you can simply stay in another area of the house to keep the midway mess unseen.  

While it might be more convenient in some ways, remodels usually still take a fair amount of time. Even a simple kitchen remodel can take upwards of 8 weeks, so while being able to forget about your project by simply using another room can lift a weight off your shoulders, remember you will still be working around the construction zone for a period of time and may not have access to all your amenities.  

The best practice here to reduce stress of a kitchen reno is to come to terms with the fact you will likely not have a usable kitchen at all for the full duration of the reno. Plan accordingly.  

Controlling costs if on a smaller budget. 

The cost of a remodel can be stretched out, as you can choose to invest in a limited number of rooms or do the renovation over a longer period. While we always say that it’s important to invest well in a renovation, being able to do things room-by-room can make your desired outcomes possible and allow you to invest more in each room so you get what you really want out of a renovation

Why build an addition? 

Extending your home is adding an entirely new addition in the form of square footage to upgrade your property, either vertically or horizontally. Extending is often more expensive than renovating, but a well thought out extension gives you more space if you need it and don’t want to move. It can also add serious value to your home.  

It’s important to bear in mind that the smaller the addition, the higher the square foot price will be, therefore if your funds are limited you may wish to consider a renovation instead. If more square footage is what you are going for, here are some of the benefits this choice will have: 

Accommodates a growing family. 

A top-quality extension provides a whole new space for you and your growing family to use. You may be running out of bedrooms for your kids, or you may find yourself caregiving for elderly parents who need a space of their own.  

Adds new features. 

Extending your home gives you the power to add some pretty amazing unique features, such as a gaming or cinema room, an in-law suite, an extra living area like a sunroom or den or an extra bathroom.  

Makes key rooms larger. 

If you love your house but are dreaming of a chef’s kitchen, an extension can help turn your shoe-box-sized kitchen into a luxury. Extensions can add square footage to existing rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms as well.  

When deciding on the best renovation strategy for your home, it’s important to consult with a professional contractor who has experience doing both.  

At Lambert Brothers, we are bonded as a pre-paid contractor in the province of Alberta. This means your deposit is protected by the Alberta government through a bond. Less than 10% of contractors have this designation, so you can rest assured your major project will be well protected and built to the highest standards.  

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