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10 Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

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10 Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have a small house, or even one small room in your house, knowing how to fit everything in for functionality and style can be a challenge. Surprisingly, feeling crowded in a small space can even affect your mental health, work performance and family relations. However, there are loads of clever renovation options to overcome the obstacle of small space living.

Certain renovations can help you maximize small spaces in your house or help improve the functionality of small rooms. Of course, you can always rely on interior design options for small spaces like higher curtains and color choices but remodeling a small space can stretch your home’s tiny areas even further.

Here are ten small space renovation ideas to maximize the space’s usability and increase your home value.

1. Opt for an open floor plan

Taking out interior walls can help a space feel less crowded and improve the flow. For instance, you could extend a small kitchen space by removing a wall between the living room or dining room. This also allows for more natural light. Of course, you’ll need to speak with a professional before taking down any walls to consider load bearing, plumping and electrical implications.

2. Use continuous flooring

Sticking to one type of floor throughout a small home can help trick the eye into seeing the space as one, larger area rather than small, separate spaces. It’s ideal if you’ve decided to remove an interior wall and want to extend a space but can work in any home with small spaces. Hardwood flooring is one of the more versatile options and is easier to maintain, and neutral carpets work well for living room and bedroom spaces. But you should consult with a professional to determine the flooring that would work in your specific rooms.

3. Free up floor space

Freeing up space at eye level and on the floor will help small spaces feel more open and tidier. In a bathroom, this could mean choosing a pedestal sink or choosing a wall desk for an office. In your living room, it could mean ditching the entertainment center and mounting your TV to a wall. Whatever fixtures and appliances you choose, make sure they are on the right scale for the small space.

4. Take advantage of height

Just like a skyscraper, you may not have much horizontal leeway, but you can still take advantage of vertical space. Use furniture and accents that highlight the height of your room to help the space appear larger. You can also build taller cabinets, bookcases, fireplaces, and doorways. This will draw the eye upwards to distract from the smaller floor space. Additionally, building storage upwards will reduce clutter at eye level keeping your floor clear.

If you don’t have tall ceilings already, consider expanding them. Studies show that ceiling height correlates directly with perceived crowding and personal space.

5. Let in natural light

Lighting can play a large part in the overall atmosphere of your small space. Lighter color schemes and more natural light can make a room appear larger. Studies show that even just adding a window with a view of some greenery can help make a room feel larger and improve mental health. Particularly in small living rooms and kitchens, make sure to incorporate natural light. Adding in some potted plants and greenery can also help freshen up the space.

However, if your space does not have effective natural light, you should be sure to install good light fixtures. A professional renovator can help you plan out how to bring in more light to a small space with few or no windows.

6. Use reflective or see-through materials

Renovating small spaces to maximize them is all about making them appear larger than they are. What better way to trick the eye than with mirrors and reflective material? This can help make the room look larger and can also reflect natural light. Additionally, glossy tile or lacquer walls tend to reflect light more and can have a similar effect as adding in mirrors by making a space brighter. The same brightening effect can be achieved by using see-through materials like a glass wall or glass door.

7. Double up functional space

In small spaces, make design choices that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, you could convert a closet into a laundry room, or double a living room as a guest room with a sofa that pulls out to a bed. When it comes to guest seating, consider furniture that can fold back into the wall, fold up and go in a closet, or be converted to a coffee table or side table. Do you have a window nook? Add a built-in couch to free up even more floor space!

8. Build in storage

Storage can help you reduce the clutter and items in a space. You can creatively add storage to small spaces that double as furniture. For instance, you could add storage underneath your bed, couch or table. Build in storage as many places as you can to maximize small spaces and remove clutter from view.

9. Choose pocket doors

Pocket doors have a small pocket, or glass window, to allow light to flow through and make a space more open, while still providing some privacy. They can also slide into the wall when not in use, so you don’t need the space allowance a swinging door requires.

10. Splurge on luxury materials

Just because a space is small it doesn’t mean it can’t feel luxurious. Small spaces won’t need as much material, so you can afford to indulge on higher end finishings. For instance, in a small bathroom use marble tiles, a steel sink, and a quality showerhead. Another great way to make a small room special is to bring in an extravagant light fixture.

Plan your small space renovations with a professional

Once you renovate your small space you may realize you don’t need that much space to live comfortably after all. Not all small homes are created equally – it’s all about how you can maximize the design of it.

However, it’s important to note that small spaces aren’t necessarily a small expense. So, you should always build out a renovation plan with your top priorities for the job so you can stay within budget.

Need a hand with planning your small space renovation? Reach out to us at Lambert Brothers Construction for a free quote.